Friday, March 11, 2011

Fun Fur

We can not WAIT until the warm weather comes our just snowed here...again..*sigh*...

We will NOT be sad to see the cold weather leave, however we will miss wearing our wonderfully warm fur coats! Our fur coats have been affectionately named "fun furs"!   Whether real or faux (ours are faux), we cannot get enough of the fabulousness that is a fur coat.  A fur coat can infuse any outfit with a dose of  diva, bohemian, luxe, you name it!

Bonus: you may be able to find a stylish fur on sale and stash away for the next bout of winter weather!

We shall lament and shed tears this Spring as we put away our "fun furs".  Take a peak below to pay proper tribute to the fashionable furs.
Ohne Titel
Oasis from Asos
Steve Madden



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