Thursday, April 21, 2011

PSA: Personal Style Announcement


This is our 1st Personal Style Announcement!

Ladies, we know that every one of us has dealt with this heart-wrenching, devastating and ill-timed situation: broken or worn down heels on your favorite sandals, pumps and boots..

Sadly, many of us have had to banish our wounded pairs to the back of the closet, hoping they would miraculously grow a new heel..(it never forward six months later and they're still mocking you from the abyss of your wardrobe).

Never fear!! We have found a great shoe repairer (lovingly referred to as "Cobbler") here in Cincinnati! JCL Shoe Repair!

My mutilated snake skins heels were revived back to life in literally 10 minutes, right in front of my eyes!

I gasped, and gleefully paid the measly ten bucks to have my beloved shoes brought back to the forefront of my wardrobe (just in time for Spring)!

We always advocate that you make friends with the people who help you look good! (cobblers, tailors,  hairstylist, etc!)  So go check out JCL in Madeira if you live in the area, or find a local cobbler and reintroduce yourself to your broken soles!!

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