Thursday, June 16, 2011

When our powers combine....

It has been rather slow at the Style Edit virtual office this week...what with work and other business demanding our attention, we have laxed a bit on our love, Style Edit....our bad!

In an effort to rectify this situation immediately, and generate more "fashion-focused news and events", we are calling all Cincinnati-based Fashion Bloggers to converse and commune with us.  Since we are all about promoting fashion and showcasing Cincinnati, lets share our finds with our fellow bloggers to help formulate new ideas and have great conversation while we're at it!?

Let's call it: "The Fashion Mixer" change ideas are always welcome..

Ready? Ok!

On Wednesday, June 22nd at Mynt Martini downtown at 7:00pm, Fashion Bloggers will unite, sort of like Captain Planet!  Bring your conversation, any ideas you're brewing, and suggestions for a great tailor should you have one!

Set? Go!

In the meantime, check out the blogs we've found & love! (authors included)




  1. Sounds fun! The 23rd is a Thursday, though -- which date did you mean? ;)


  2. Touche! LoL whoops! 22nd!! See you there!!! Yay!