Thursday, August 25, 2011

B's Big day is fast approaching!!

We have been going 'round and 'round about wedding shoes for the BIG day!! It's coming up soooo soon! We are 1 month out already--eeek! At first we were stuck on purple Loubs (B's wedding color) but then we decided they were much too tall and far too uncomfortable for a long day--plus, a little less formal for our liking for this particular event (!!). So...the search began! Gorgeous, beautiful purple shoes where are you?? We found a few that were..."umph"--"ok"--"fine"---"will do" aka NOT THE ONES (!!). So then...we decided that maybe we should shy away from the purple and think neutral or...BLUE! Yes, blue could be the answer!! And, it was!! Fell head over heels for the Carrie Bradshaw Something Blue Satin Manolo..again. Fell after we saw Sex In The City (10 or more times) and fell again when B slipped them on her feet!! this is how it all went down...arrived at Saks, drooled over the Satin Blue Manolos, didn't have B's size, tried on a size too big, still loved them but they were sold out in all colors. Called Manolo Blahnik, they had them (Thanks Jenp! xoxo)! Told them to hold the size right away and we would pick them up in no time! THEN, we passed Bergdorf Goodman...couldn't help but to go in. Took the grand elevator to the shoe salon...walked through the rooms of glorious shoes glowing from the display shelves...and THERE THEY WERE....Something PURPLE satin Manolos. Didn't even know they existed!!!  (Don't worry, we called Manolo Blahnik and told them we found something we liked better. Never nice to keep something on hold when you aren't going to pick it up! Someone else may miss out on their purchase that day-and, it could have been you! ;) We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. They are absolutely glorious. We died. And, came back to life when B put them on!



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