Thursday, August 11, 2011

"That's not really a winter white love...let's save that for the summer."

Labor day is approaching and the weather will soon be changing. Our grandmothers always told us that white garments bloom at Easter and go to rest after labor day. And, we'd have to say that we pretty much agree. We also agree that you should never ever wear any sort of white to a wedding--how despicable! I'm sure you agree!  But, back to the subject at hand...white garments are soon saying their goodbyes.This excludes the beautiful winter whites and the creams of the world along with white blouses. White blouses are often worn under a nice blazer or with a scarf accent which is acceptable in our opinion. However, white blazers, shoes, belts, trousers and skirts are just...a bit tacky. Some hues are just suited better in the summer seasons--it's almost a jerk reaction when you see a striking white garment in the fall. Just doesn't match the scenery. SO, we have decided to get in our last love sessions with our wonderful whites before September rolls around! Are you in? Get inspired below!

Alice + Olivia

Torn by Ronny Kobo 

Free People

Top Shop




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