Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Bachelorette Night Out! Part I

If you have been on Style Edit any time within the past few months, you have seen our mentioning of the lovely B's upcoming nuptials!  However, before the beautiful wedding, comes the fun-filled bachelorette night!!!

Since we are habitually obsessed with finding the perfect outfit for any occasion, why not the bachelorette night?   This outfit is crucial.  Not as monumental as the brides', or her wedding gown, or your wedding day dress, but it is close!

The options for this night are pretty endless!  Dress.  Shorts.  Skirt. Pants. Colors. Prints. This is the outfit where there are no color or cut requirements!

Depending on the events of the evening will dictate your outfit pretty well, but for the most part, bachelorette groups find themselves dancing and sipping the night away followed by girl talk in pj's!

Here are some options we think will look amazing for the bachelorette night! (Champagne not included)!

Something Blue!

361. Celebrity Style: Blake Lively

Color-blocking Cool


Shiny Siren
Mila Kunis

The Wild Child

Celebrity Style: Kim Kardashian....

A Little Bit of Rock & Roll
43/50 Gwen Steffani

Short n' Sweet
Take me away...

Print Mix

650. Celebrity Style: Beyonce

Check back next week to see our Part II (when we actually post our looks of the evening)!



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