Monday, September 19, 2011

Final Countdown

We are currently at T-Minus 5 days, 22 hours...and some change away from B's nuptials!!
Its "go" time for us here at the Style Edit office!   We are packing, grabbing extra safety pins, double sided tape and extra batteries.  We are so excited to have all of B's thorough planning come full circle and see her (and her future Mr. Style Edit) in all of their wedded glory!

So back to the packing! B's wedding is in New York and for those who are flying, taking a carry-on is a non-negotiable requirement.  (You do not want to be the friend who loses the wedding bands in their checked luggage!)  That means lightweight pieces that can perform double duty and tossing the extra fluff!  But we're going to New York, and you know we have to rock it, which makes packing prudently even more difficult!

Nevertheless, it is now "Fall" in New York and since we love any excuse to try out new outfits, we've put together a play-by-play of looks that are absolutely perfect from travel to wedding to brunch!

Travel Day


Wedding Day





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