Friday, October 7, 2011

Simply White Tee

More often than not, we find ourselves looking for the perfect white button up, tank, and tee shirt.  Even more often, we find that the price tag is, in a word, ridiculous!  Really, $150 for a white top?!

You're fabulous...really...but $150?! Steep.
We know, we know.  The button up, tee and tank (all white) are staples and foundational garments that are worth the investment.  However, while we can plop down a good amount of money on a fabulous dress that will only see the light of day three times tops, it is always a battle to swipe the plastic when we find a perfect white tank top if its over $20!

Paloma All Saint's Dress  |   Equipment Signature Silk Top

For lack of a better example, its like buying toilet paper.  You know you're going to use it regularly and benefit tremendously from it...but its nothing 'special'.

No lace, no gold lamé, just a clean white top.

But we are slowly coming to grips with the fact that investing in these simple, seemingly 'unspecial' pieces are going to pay off in dividends.  Just think about how many ways and days you can wear one of the button-ups we've featured above!

We have also started buying in bulk, especially when something is on sale.  If you come across a top you LOVE always buy at least two or three of them.  You'll wear these foundational pieces so often that they wear faster.  You will thank us later!

But we often find some great deals on these pieces at H&M, Old Navy, and ForeverXXI.  So don't count those out.  In fact, visit those places first if you're tight on $$!

Elizabeth & James 

Enza Costa - tank

Enza Costa - bold tank

Monroe - tissue v-neck tee

B.D. Baggies - weekend buttondown


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