Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Stylin' Ain't Easy

Greetings lovelies!!

Please excuse our poor use of grammar, but in reality, it is true.."Stylin' ain't easy"!  All of our fellow stylists out there know exactly what we're talking about!

For many of our clients, putting together an effortless, one-of-a-kind look seems both laborious and fruitless when you don't have the eye or can't see beyond the normal: blazer+trousers = work wear.  And that is where we come in to assist!

As stylists, we LOVE to play with patterns, "seemingly" seasonal items and use them for our Fall/Winter work wear.  You WILL find us in a "summer" maxi dress this winter with a chunky sweater and booties, it's only right! Those unexpected pieces really make an ensemble memorable and reflect your style the best.

Here are a few ideas to twist your normal wear and really make it easy to transition and extend the seasonal life of your wardrobe!

#1. A great way to extend your wardrobe is to use your existing pieces and updating them with season-appropriate items! Use your summer maxi dress for an amazing fall look!
Summer to Fall

#2.  Use your summer staples as a backdrop for your cold-weather pieces!
Summer to Winter Look

#3.  Ever heard of winter white?!  Your favorite white sheath dress is a perfect compliment with a great pair of tights and a patterned blazer!
Summer White to Winter White

Now that we've kick-started your stylin' juices...get creative in your closet!



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