Monday, December 19, 2011

A Monochromatic Lesson!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Now you know how much we love our bright colors, mixing it up with prints and patterns and coming up with new color combinations that are unexpected, but just seem to "go'!  
However, we must not neglect the power of playing within the confines of a monochromatic look.  Think about how powerful a person looks in a clean black suit.  Dull?  Nonsense!
When you start wearing a 1-color outfit, it is all about how you use textures to really make the impact.  And don't forget, use different hues to create a soft contrast as well!  Think: rich fuchsia paired with a rose pink.  Complimentary!
Here are some ideas to rock your monochromatic look!  It is super easy!
Monochromatic Lesson: Black

When wearing an all black outfit, the key is to have a great silhouette.  The look on the left creates a slim line to your figure and the shoulder detail gives amazing impact!  With a skirt + sweater combo (on the right), it is easy to look like a black column.  The key is to use texture to break it up.  A black sweater with a little sparkle woven in makes this look anything but ho-hum!

Monochromatic Lesson 2

Red can be a hard color to pull off with one piece, let alone an entire outfit!  This makes it important to use ALL the colors in the color family! **Hello Color Wheel from Elementary Art Class**
Check out the coat in the middle that mixes all the reds together!  Texture and hue really make the looks pop!
Monochromatic Lesson 3

Feeling blue?  In a good way!? There is something about singing "blue suede shoes" that makes this look even more appealing! And lets face it, the lure of being even remotely close to those blue Manolos we saw in Carrie Bradshaw's closet that is reason enough for us to break out an all-blue ensemble!



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