Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Many Thanks...Sincerely!!

'Tis the Holidays...and as it happens, we often reflect about our year, what has been accomplished and what we'd like to achieve in the coming year...

Style Edit and other blogs based in Cincy have received some amazing opportunities to work and connect with many businesses located in the city!  For that, we can only say THANK YOU!!  As a blogger we have free reign to speak on any topic we love, ours happens to be fashion, clothes, looking AND feeling amazing!  Realizing that companies and brands respect and appreciate our voice and vision for our blog and business makes us swell with pride! 

So to all of the businesses, companies and brands that have reached out to all the local Cincinnati bloggers, for events, press and great connections, we say... MANY THANKS.. SINCERELY!!! *Mary Poppins reference*

Casablanca Vintage
Our Coverage

Saks Fifth Avenue
Our Coverage

Retrofittings St. Vincent de Paul
Our Coverage

Jenni Kayne
Our Coverage
Tiffany & Co
Our Coverage
Kromholz Jewelers
Our Coverage

We are so honored and blessed to be able to do something we love! Thank you to every single person who has supported us! We love you all! 

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  1. Thanks you for your interest and support! As an observer, I can tell you love doing what you do. That is a wonderful thing! Keep it up!
    Your perspective on fashion is always wonderful and enjoyable to read! Thanks for your contribution to Cincinnati's Fashion World!