Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fashion Week 2012: To the Streets!

Here's Jennifer with your dose of New York Fashion Week News!

As I learned during Men’s Fashion Week when I lived in Milan, fashion isn’t just for the runways.  Some of the best (and chicest) outfits you will see during Fashion Week come courtesy of the cool ladies heading to the shows.  The attendees of this week’s NYFW has been hitting out of the park these past few days!

Take their cues and try…

A Head to Toe printed suit/jumpsuit (think big-risk, big-reward)

An In Your Face bright color, pair with chic basics

A feline-friendly t-shirt/coat, MEOW!

NYFW ends tomorrow, but don’t fear fashionistas, London will host its Fashion Week starting Friday!  Stay tuned for my final NYFW recap post…


We'll be doing some "Looks for Less" soon! Let us know what runway look you've fallen in love with this season and we'll recreate it for you!! 


All images courtesy of Mr. Newton via. Harper's Bazaar

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