Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Last Minute Valentine

Ok, its crunch time!! As our Valentine's gift to you, here are some quick tips and go-to gifts for your sweetie on this last minute timeline!

  1.  A thoughtful, heartfelt letter.  What girl wouldn't want to her beau to express his emotions and thoughts via written form?! *Super Swoon*
  2. Flowers.  They are literally EVERYWHERE today, so no excuses.  Gas station pick-up can work in a pinch, but make sure they look amazing! 
  3. Dinner.  We don't mean taking her out, we mean you cooking it! Yes, that's right! Take a trip to the grocery after work and whip up a great couples dinner! For tips, check out Food Network or ask your mom!
  4. Ice Skating. Fountain Square is having 2-for-1 ice skating today down at Fountain Square! Really, does it get any more romantic than ice skating in the softly falling snow?! 

Still on the fence about what to get your love-muffin for the big day?! 

Option 1: Drop by Krombholz Jewelers and pick up something we styled for February.  Really, what girl would say no to jewelry?! 

Option 2: Better yet, give her a Style Edit gift certificate for her to revamp her entire wardrobe!! 

Good Luck! And Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! 


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