Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Style Edit Spotlight: Jenifer Patrick

Cue Spotlight: Jenifer Patrick
Age: 26
Hometown: Lexington, Kentucky
Current City: New York, New York
Company: Alice + Olivia

SE: What sparked your interest in fashion?
Jenifer: I was always very fashion conscious, even at a young age. I always appreciated quality rather than quantity. Many of my friends never understood why it took me longer to get ready (I have cut that time in half now, by the way) but it was my outfit that was always the foundation of a great day. If I did not like what I was wearing, I most certainly would not enjoy whatever plans I had that day. Fashion is art and I would be lost without an outlet for my creativity.

SE: What was your first job in the industry? First Internship?
Jenifer: My first job actually led me to where I am today. I was working at a small multi-brand clothing boutique in Destin, Florida called Kiki Rissa.  The store manager at the time would always ask me to assist her in styling the windows for the store--which I thought was the coolest! My first internship was with Alice+Olivia in wholesale.  At the time, the company was much smaller so I was able to work with a lot of departments underneath the A+O umbrella.
Jenifer, as an intern for A+O, painting shoes for a fashion show.

SE: Did you always know what you wanted to do in the industry? Were the internships helpful?
Jenifer: I had no idea what I wanted to do in the industry until about two years ago.  I always thought I would work in wholesale or become a buyer. Interning was most helpful in helping me determine what I wanted to do within the industry.  I discovered that working numbers in an office every day was quite boring for me personally.  I felt that I needed to do something that would exercise my creativity and keep me interested.

SE: Who are your favorite designers? 
Jenifer:  I obviously have a soft spot for Alice+Olivia!  I also love Vince for casual wear, and Zara has great fashion pieces for an affordable price.  Jeffrey Campbell is a go-to for shoes--they are affordable and super comfy!  My favorite high-end designer would have to be Proenza Schouler.  And, Pamela Love makes amazing jewelry.

SE: What is your go-to outfit?
Jenifer: Black on black on black. Just mix up the textures, add one fab accessory item and you’re done.  So easy!

SE: What handbag are you dying for right now?
Jenifer: Proenza Schouler PS1 tote in neon yellow.

SE: What are your responsibilities at your company? How did you land this job?
Jenifer: As a visual merchandiser, I create weekly directives for merchandising the product as well as the mannequin looks. I started with the company as a intern in wholesale, working part-time in the Alice+Olivia Bryant Park boutique.  Once I realized wholesale and I were not the best fit, I knew I needed something utilizing my creativity. I asked the President of the company for the opportunity to prove myself as a visual merchandiser.  From there, I began working in the boutique full-time as a visual supervisor.  After over a year, they created a full-time corporate position for me to oversee the merchandising of all of the Alice+Olivia stores nationwide including department store shops.
Jenifer, backstage NYFW 2012.

Alice+Olivia NYFW 2012 Fall/Winter runway models. 

SE: Any advice for the young fashionista who is looking for a start in the business?
Jenifer: WORK HARD!  Sometimes you have to take a job that you may not be thrilled with to get an “in” with a company.  If you work hard and never stop networking, you will eventually get to where you want to be.

SE: What is something you wish you could do more of?
Jenifer: Styling.  I’m constantly thinking of new ways to create outfits for mannequin looks but I would love to have more time to do freelance styling work on photo shoots.

SE: Can you give us one style tip for our readers?
Jenifer: Don’t focus too much on the "trends".  Dress and express yourself in ways that make you feel good about yourself.  There is nothing more stylish than a woman that feels great in her own skin.

Jenifer designed and made the silk scarf shown in the picture. 

SE: Living in non-metropolitan areas, it is sometimes hard to break into or create a fashion industry? Any suggestions for our readers who don't live in New York or LA?
Jenifer: Blogging is one of the best ways to get into the industry.  We had several bloggers at our last fashion show and they were from all over.  As a blogger, you get many perks in the industry and blogging is a great way to get your name out there.


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