Monday, March 26, 2012

Lunch + Lafayette 148 at Saks!

Last week we were invited to attend the Lafayette 148 Spring Showcase at Saks downtown.  Knowing very little about the brand, we were so excited to see all of the offerings and learn more about the company!

The cutest Bento Boxes!  

A Brief Makeup Tutorial
 During the showcase, we were able to chat with Todd Headricks, the brand rep for Lafayette!
Todd prepping the ladies on what we're in store for! 
SE: When did you start working with Lafayette 148?
Todd Headrick: I’ve been with Lafayette 148 New York for 5 years now, and in the fashion industry since 1995!

SE: What is Lafayette 148 known for?
Todd Headrick:  Chic and modern designs in the most luxurious fabrics.  Our Designer, Edward Wilkerson, creates an innovative collection each season that takes our clients from the boardroom to an evening out to a weekend getaway.

SE: What is your pick for the "must-have" outfit from Lafayette for Spring?
Todd Headrick: I’m a huge fan of the global flair in our Antibes Animal Print silk dress.  Vivid black and white, tastefully set off with bright red accessories is such a dramatic, but classic statement.  If the animal print doesn’t suit you, a solid red, black, or bright pink shirtdress with a favorite spring hat is a fresh look also.
Todd's favorite piece! 

SE: What is the most fun about what you do as a Regional Retail Coordinator?
Todd Headrick: Traveling across the Midwest, meeting with all the talented and dynamic clients that make our collection so successful!

SE: Can you give us one style tip for our readers?
Todd Headrick:  Try not to limit yourself by filling your closet with the same silhouettes you buy season after season.  A wider-leg pant or a more narrow cut than you normally wear might open your mind to a shorter jacket or even a tunic you might have never considered.  Style options are wide-open right now…experiment a little.
Yes! A Lovely LBD!
Perfect black tweed jacket with white piping!  Classic.

Perfect for Derby!
A print photo of the island of Capri...ahh...

Our favorite look of the day!  A lime green tweed skirt suit!!!
Love every single thing about this!! 

Special thanks to Lindsey at Saks and Todd from Lafayette 148 for taking the time to chat with us about this great brand!
We had a great time lunching with some die-hard Lafayette clients!



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