Friday, April 20, 2012

A Fonzworth Friday

We had a lovely visit from the gentleman himself, turning G's to Gents one pocket square at a time, the man with the world's largest walk-in closet...Mr. Fonzworth Bentley. He is a man of many talents but we are in awe of his first We agree with him when he says there is something about a tailored suit that changes a man's swagger. Every man should invest in a tailored suit...every man deserves one! We actually believe both men and women should house at least one tailored suit in their closet. Put that on the list ladies! Anyway, we died when we saw his uni-sex loafers and just had to share the love! Take a look at  his loafers and a few shots of Mr. Bentley below!

Purchase here.

B & Mr. Bentley

On his show "From G's To Gents"

Love this belt. 


*Image Source: The Urban Gentleman.

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