Friday, April 6, 2012

What To Wear: Easter

Its finally Friday!!  This week has been especially taxing for the Style Edit office so we are looking forward to this weekend more than usual!  It could be the excitement of Easter and having some much-needed family time, or it could be the delicious Easter dinner we know comes with this lovely holiday!

As we reflect on the season, we also usher in the Spring that is just bursting with color!!!  What better way to debut your best brights than on Easter!?  This year, B will be helping her family with a massive Easter Egg hunt through the countryside, while M is scheduled to attend a tea party hosted by her three little nieces.  If you're weekend is as varied as ours are, then we're here to help with outfit ideas!!
What To Wear: Easter
The best part about these looks is that you can change just one piece to make it work for your day. I.e., switch out the wool shorts for jeans and ballet flats for a more casual day.  Or put a chunky sweater over the coral lace skirt instead of the peplum top if the weather's a bit chilly.

The possibilities to mix and match are endless!

We hope that everyone has an amazing Easter!!  See you on Monday! x


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