Friday, April 13, 2012

The Wrap Up: A Shoe Party @ Saks!!

Happy Friday Everyone (Thank Goodness!!)

As we mentioned here, last night we had the opportunity to mingle (literally) with some of the most obsession-worthy shoes in Cincinnati!!!

Saks hosted a Fundraising event for GoVibrant,  a non profit organization that is all about getting the public up, out and MOVING!!  For GoVibrant, getting Cincinnatians to adopt a more active lifestyle outdoors is their main goal, as well as moving us up the list of the nation's most active cities!  (A fundraiser to buy shoes is really the perfect fit!)

Here's the Walking Map!!

GoVibrant will also be adding routes from across the river in Kentucky and from Mount Adams!!!

No excuses during this beautiful weather!! 
Ahhh..Stuart Weitzman Cap Toes?!   Absolutely LOVE!!!!

Chocolate covered strawberries?! Why yes! a Sea of Shoes!! 

Jimmy Choo's and a cocktail?! Is this heaven?!

Saks was blooming shoes!! 

M taking time to smell the roses! 

Are you doing anything fun in Cincy this weekend?! Share your plans with us!!!!!



  1. How I wish I had been to this party too! I missed all those beautiful shoes and gorgeous heels. I should have add fabulous footwear to my oetzi3300 collection.

  2. Every man in the world who are shopping with their girlfriends that took so long to pick items and walk around the mall for a couple of hours is really tiring and I feel your agony LOL. Either way it's okay as long as I wear my merrel shoes.

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