Friday, June 1, 2012

Shabby chic wedding guest (w/ a POC)

Our dear friend Susan is getting married this weekend!! Weddings are always a toss up because there are so many variables to consider:

a. venue
b. time (day vs. evening wear)
c. date/season (weather)
d. reception
e. theme
f. the bride

The venue is outside (with an inside option in case of rain..brills) on a 275-acre park with a enchanting historic house as the focal point. The wedding will take place in the afternoon and the weather man says it should hit 79 degrees with a few clouds. This weather update prompts us to lean towards something flowy and light. The reception will be charming & casual with light hor'derves and wine. The theme is shabby chic but the bride is super chill (no signs of bridezilla here) so she isn't particular about colors (no white dresses, of course). We are feeling inspired by the theme but may add a POC. Take a look at our inspiration board below!!

Shabby Chic Wedding Guest


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