Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What's Our Trend?

Today we've been thinking about all the trends throughout the decades...

The 60's gave birth to the "mod trend"...
The faux eyelashes, the pillbox hats, the aline dresses...this trend has made its rounds many times since the 60's!

The 1970's was all about bell-bottoms disco and "free love"!

We don't think you can get more 70's than John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever
The 80's = Acid Wash Jeans and oversized blazers (Hellooooo Shoulder Pads!!)
Lisa Bonet, an 80's beacon of fashion.

The 1990's was the height of the "grunge" era.
Are we the only ones who think of Travis from the movie Clueless when we see this? 
With all of these discernable trends of the decades, we wonder, did the 2000's have a distinct style or trend?

We can think of some looks we wouldn't dare wear again from the 2000's...(Patchwork jeans...we're shamed, but those were IT in high school!!)

We can also thank Britney Spears, with her long hip-hugging jeans and belly-baring tops, that caused countless "plumbers crack" situations.

Do you have any iconic fashion memories from 2000's?!  (We can say "2000s" now since we're in the 2010's...right?!)  As much as we may laugh at the trends of the decades, and even a few years ago, you can't deny that at the height of every trend, nothing was more fashionable!



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