Thursday, July 5, 2012

Florals for All!

Like the rest of America...we're contemplating exactly why we have to work after such a festive 4th of July...on a Wednesday!?! We lobbied for a 5 day weekend...clearly that has been overlooked.
While many people have called in "sick" for the remainder of the week, we're making our way through the day!  (Heavy doses of caffeine included).

While we tend to get through our days with bright shocks of color and of-the-moment pieces, we cannot stress enough how easy it is to translate our favorite looks for any age group!

Let's take a look at the floral trend... 


We'd consider ourselves in the "Risk Taker" category of the floral trend!  We love mixing up patterns and adding in a great punch of color! This look is great for 20's and 30's somethings and anyone wanting to kick it up a notch!!

The "Moderate" is anyone who loves the floral print, but mixing two would be overwhelming. Keep it simple with a great floral dress (hello peplum waist!) and amazing nude sandals (keeps those legs appearing lean and long!) This look is an excellent go-to outfit for women on-the-go!

The "Sophisticate" look is perfect for any woman who likes the coverage of a knee length dress but still wants to add in a bit of the unexpected... ENTER: the floral broach! By keeping the dress color, bright, but singular, the flower broach really amps up this entire look from simple to sophisticated in no time.  It definitely reminds us of Carrie Bradshaw strutting the streets of Manhattan!  This type of dress is great at transitioning from the office to after-work, easy!


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