Friday, July 20, 2012

What We Do {Personal Stylists}

Happy Friday Everyone!!

We've often heard many people ask us: 
"What exactly do you do?"

As you may know, Style Edit, is more than just a fashion and style blog, it is a business where we help women perfect their personal style! 
Wardrobe Consultations 
B&M completely edit your wardrobe.  Removing any pieces that don't work for you or your lifestyle anymore.  
We also coordinate new outfits from your existing pieces to give your wardrobe a new life! 

Personal Shopping 
Not only do we give our clients a shopping list of "essentials" to add to their wardrobe, we shop with them to help find the perfect fit, color and cut for their bodies.  

Special Event Styling
Do you have a special event coming up?  Our special event styling services provide women with a complete consult on everything from the clothing, to jewelry, shoes, and even hair and makeup advice! 

Still curious about what we do as stylists?  Check it out below!!! 

#1 A personal style consultant is your confidant.

Is there a reason you wear black more than any other color?  Are you comfortable showing your back? Would you consider trying on a fitted cocktail dress?  Answers to somewhat personal questions help your stylist understand your comfort level, what you're drawn to and why. 

Many people do not want to address issues of why they hold on to a particular item or why they're afraid to wear a dress they bought years ago, but they help your us do our job more effectively.  In short, you've got to get personal!

#2 A personal style consultant gives tough love.
Don't worry!! We're not this tough! 
As stylists we always try to make this step a "painless process", but lets face it, letting go of treasured items is devastating to many people! *Calling all What Not to Wear guests!* (And we're guilty: we still have pants from early college years in our closet somewhere!) 

It is the step of auditing your closet with a personal stylist that finds the gems, voids and the items that should be donated.  We can't tell you how many times our clients have either forgotten they owned a fabulous jacket or skirt once we've audited their closets.

During this stage, a personal stylist will help you put together new and fresh outfits from your existing wardrobe, generating the "Oh my goodness! I would have never thought to do that on my own!!" (We live for those moments!) Your stylist will also give you a list of "what's missing" in your wardrobe.  Be it foundational garments, like camisoles and a good pump or a great pair of jeans, as stylist, we're experienced in finding those missing pieces.

#3 A personal stylist is your 'Indiana Jones' with the treasure map! 

After your stylist has gone through your wardrobe, you'll have a list of items to add to your closet.  For our clients, we like to give them options of where to find these pieces, both online and in stores, and equip them with pictures for reference.  With this, you are armed and ready to tackle the much-less daunting task of shopping!

If you are going with your stylist, you are in good hands!  Our clients know that we have scoured the stores we visit countless times and are educated on what you can and cannot find at specific establishments.  It is like following Indiana Jones to the treasure!

#4 A personal stylist is NOT expensive! 

Despite popular belief, personal stylists are not a budget buster! And they could save you money!

Rationale #1:  You bought an expensive dress for an event.  The event is over and all you have to show for it are (amazing) pictures!  Wouldn't it be great if you had some one guiding you on how to pick items that can be transitional for more than one wear? 
Rationale #2: You keep buying the same type of clothing.  Same style of jeans, similar blouses, you just can't get out of your rut! A stylist will give you a few pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe to completely transform your look! No need to run out and buy hundreds of dollars worth of clothes!
Rationale #3:  You have nothing to wear.  Its a lie. But we say the same thing!!! If you have a good amount of clothes but feel like you keep gravitating towards the same thing, you need a personal stylist to come in, audit your closet and put together outfits you would have never thought of!
Fashion should not be arduous or nerve-racking! We understand that for many, it is.  Our goal for our clients is to help them realize their own personal style, make sure they feel amazing and make their life easier!

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