Thursday, August 9, 2012

Shop Like A Stylist

One of the "benefits" of our job is finding ourselves in and out of clothing stores more than we realize...."benefit" to our closet...definite curse to our wallets..

Being fashion bloggers also spurs our obsessing and/or spending urges, especially when we see must-have items that literally "MAKE" our closet!

People always ask us how we shop for clothes and though its hard to explain, we'll do our best!

  • Know The Market.......because we're around brands constantly, we know what items typically go quick (hello wait-list!)  and which ones will be around for a few more months.  If you know you really want a handbag from Saks (for example) but you are debating, ask a sales associate how quickly that item sells, then you can plan your "attack"! 
Know the Market

  • Patience is a Virtue (of a shopper)....any stylist (or avid shopper for that matter) worth her salt, knows that being patient, specifically for things to go on sale, is a crucial skill.  Not only does it stifle your over-spending on pieces you like, but don't love, it also gives you that thrill of knowing you paid $55 for a pair of shoes that were originally $350! 

  • Read The Glossies...then replicate.... We absolutely love Vogue and Harpers Bazaar...but for the love of all that is fashionable..why do they insist on showcasing a ring or scarf that is over $1,000?  And wouldn't you know it, those are the things that really make the look "pop".  That's where being a stylist really, we won't pay for the Hermes scarf...but we will look far and wide for one that mimics that look for about $10!  And its not just a random scarf, we practice this trick with everything!  It's all about knowing what to look for, and where! 


What's your best shopping tip?!


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