Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tips from B&M

We get asked all the time for little tips and tricks that we often employ when putting together our personal outfits and looks.   While styling is a skill that we innately have, the advice we give can be implemented by anyone to make getting dressed much easier!

#1  Get your very own "Glam Squad"  

Ok ok...we can't all have a makeup artist and hairstylist to get us "celebrity" ready to pick up groceries...BUT we argue that there are at least two people that you need to have on your team to keep you and your clothes looking their best! 

Glam Squad Member 1: A Tailor! 
We can't tell you how many times a client could have saved herself hundreds of dollars just by getting a few small tweaks to her staple pieces.  A hem here, a nip at the waist there and BOOM --- your $70 suit now looks like it was custom made for you! 

Glam Squad Member 2: A Cobbler! 
(...shoe repair for the layperson..)
You know that metal piece on the tip of your favorite pumps that make that AWFUL clacking noise?! Well they didn't always sound like that, remember?! A simple tip replacement can save you so much money! No need to go out and buy an new pair, just get the heels replaced for about $15! 

#2  Get to Know your Closet

You know how you tend to forget hanging your clothes in their proper place, or -- in a hurry -- you throw your jeans, sweaters, shoes blindly into your closet as you rush for the door in the morning?! Well...stop that! 
So many times, when a closet is not organized you'll completely forget what you have...causing you to (you guessed it!) go out and buy clothes you don't necessarily need! 

And if you need an extra set of hands to really help you deep organize and coordinate your wardrobe, that's where we come in

#3  Try Something New

While every season there are multiple trends that pop up, there is typically one that really stands out.  For example, this season, the color - Oxblood- is seen everywhere!! Try implementing a new trend into your existing wardrobe to keep your looks on trend and current.  The last thing you want to do is look "dated"! 

Do you have any style advice that you live by?  Tell us! 

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks! 


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