Friday, November 16, 2012

Giving Thanks: Part 1

Thanksgiving is literally right around the corner and we cannot wait to celebrate with our friends & family. Is this year flying by for you too? Bonkers! We're already brainstorming outfits for next Thursday but before we draw up an inspiration board for Thanksgiving Day looks, we want to take out a few days to show thanks to some of our favorite things in fashion! 

Today, we are thankful for...


Yes. Leggings. They are very dear friends. We really don't know what we would do without them. They have the ability to add so much to a look without appearing to be trying at all. Leggings have the potential to add a sexy/cool vibe but can turn "oh so wrong" so fast if you aren't careful. We are thankful for the comfort but we can never forget what they really are..leggings. They are built to show off your gorgeous legs...anything above the legs is just a bit too much for anywhere but a racing track. Speaking of tracks, we really need to sort out our exercise regimens. The Holidays are arriving fast and the food tends to stick around. Yikes! And..noted. Gym memberships will be renewed, today.

Tip: INVEST in a great pair of leggings. A quality pair of leggings can seem to be expensive by first glance but the difference between a cheap pair is incomparable. You will go through 5 pairs of cheap leggings (freezing your little tush off) before you wear in a quality pair. And, they just look better. You won't regret it. Make sure the leggings hit your the short leggings for the gym! 

Where to buy?
LocalShopbop, ASOS

Comfy and fashionable mommy

Great for shopping!

There's never an excuse to travel in your PJ's. Leggings keep your look together with little effort.


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