Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Wish Lists...from {B&M}

Let's all just admit it, we didn't really stop writing our wishlists to Santa after we became skeptical of old St. Nick...we just sent them to our real life "Santa's" instead!

Whether we let our loved ones know what we really want for Christmas or not, we all have little things we'd just LOVE to find under the tree for Christmas...

...and like the rest of you...we have some very helpful wishlists for those who are curious! *wink wink* *hint hint*

B's Wishlist....
B's Wishlist

1. Nicole Richie is constantly getting it right with her unique, affordable & eye catching pieces. House of Harlow jewelry is on my list again this year.

2. I seem to misplace my gloves every year! Black leather gloves are always chic and a pair of fingerless to keep up with my loves on the go..texting tends to rule my world.

3. Loving outerwear with a flair! A great jacket is really my go-to this winter season.

4. A girl must wear a great lip (I die over YSL), have a great scent (I want to be bombed by the flower) and a bounce in her hair (my iron could use a healthy update)!

5. Loving a sassy loafer. Always and forever.

6. The "it" bags of the season...would die for a Celine handbag, would kill for a Phillip Lim and just love Miss Rebecca Minkoff!

7. Loving J.Crew's jewelry selection at the moment!

M's Wishlist...


  1. Loving bright colorful scarves this winter to brighten up my everyday looks!
  2. Chunky knit sweaters?  I'll take them by the boatload!! Anything that looks so cozy & looks great with trousers, jeans or even a cute sequined skirt, I'm all in!
  3. I love the gold & black bags this season..Particularly obsessed with the Philip Lim 3.1 bag...*wishful thinking* for sure & Rebecca Minkoff's MAC bag!
  4. A fantastic leather jacket will live in my wardrobe forever! And it's about time I start investing...
  5. GOLD!! I'm a bonafide gold-lover and any gilded accessories will be met with extreme happiness!!
  6. I've had my eye on a great pair of black jeans...either coated, denim or leather...completely in love!
  7. I just know that a pair of Metallic pumps would be used constantly throughout my closet! 
  8. Totally could go for an everyday pair of riding boots.  I love the Vera Wang pair, so transitional!
  9. Scented Candles.. I burn candles constantly throughout the winter months!
  10. Fun booties! I'd love to inject some more pattern and color in my footwear this season! I'm currently on the lookout for great pairs of leopard and oxblood boots!

What are you wishing for this year?! Have you finished your shopping, or have you even started yet?!   Less than 3 WEEKS until Christmas!!!


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