Monday, January 7, 2013

Looking Forward {2013}

Welcome to the year 2013!!!

During our brief blogging hiatus there has been a flurry of activity for us both personally and generally!!'s a quick recap:

  • The holiday retail season keeps getting crazier...Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday...there wasn't a day not dedicated to holiday shopping! 
  • B took a jaunt to Merry ol' Englad for the Christmas season...tea and crumpets were had and enjoyed by all
  • M journeyed to Maryland for her mistletoe season...yes..crab cakes & snow abounded! 
  • The Mayan calendar scared everyone...those tricksters! 
  • The "fiscal cliff" was more like a "fiscal stoop".. 
  • We both completed a pre-holiday closet purging...only to make room for all those lovely Christmas gifts and self-indulgences!   *stay tuned for a clothes swap soon* 
  • The "Rise of the Cool Kids" event was a major success! 
  • Christmas cookies became a breakfast food
  • We can't wait for everything to come in 2013!! 

AND... here's what we know so far about 2013:
  • The color of the year is EMERALD 
  • Our birthday's are less than 20 days away...*party planning will commence*
  • We're already planning beach vacays...B&M need tans! 
  • There are incredible things in the works for Style Edit!! *stay tuned*! 
So with all of that being said...HOORAY for 2013!! Let's all get fancy!!! 


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