Thursday, January 24, 2013

Shopping for an {Aquarius}

Yes yes! It is upon us again!! As you may or may not know...both of our birthdays occur in the lovely month of January AND they are literally one day apart!!! {27th & 28th}

The past couple of years, we really went all out with a club, many libations and a limo or two!
2012's B&M birthday festivities at Club Play 

2011's B&M the aforementioned "limo"

 This year, we're dialing it back a bit! What can we say, B has settled into over a year of married life and M became a mommy in its time to switch it up..only a little though!

As we usher in another year of life, and celebrate the end of another, friends and family will undoubtedly wonder what to gift to we Aquarians!  We're not greedy, we've got ideas for everyone who's looking to find birthday gifts for their winter-born friends!


  1. Metallic loafers - yep, we're still loving {& obsessing over} these!
  2. Fingerless gloves - its cold, but a girl still needs to text!
  3. A Manicure - because #2 is murder on the nails when its cold! 
  4. Sweaters - we love to layer, but why do we find it so hard to buy a sweater! Born in the winter, thinking about summer we guess!
  5. Carry all - if someone is feeling 'spendy' we can always use a nice carry all bag!
  6. Home Decor  - since we're more home bodies, we always love a nice throw or tray to spruce up our digs!
  7. Gold bracelet - since the Cartier bracelets are wayyyyyy out of our price range! A doppelganger (like the ones by Michael Kors) work perfectly!
  8. Girls - ummm, we're pretty much addicted to this show.


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