Thursday, January 10, 2013

Style Edit Spotlight: Liz Stout

Cue Spotlight: Liz Stout
Hometown: Lexington, Kentucky
Current City: New York, New York
Profession: Marketing Manager for Accessories and Footwear at Ralph Lauren

  • SE: What sparked your interest in fashion?
    Liz: Starting in kindergarten, I always dressed myself...I have to thank my mother for letting me be creative. It was at the age of 12 that I took my first trip to NYC and I knew I would always end up there working in fashion.
    SE: What was your first job in the industry? First Internship?
    Liz: As a junior in college, I studied at London College of Fashion. I interned in the PR department for Liberty Department store. Liberty is the equivalent of a Bergdorf or Barney's to us; very chic.
    SE: Did you always know what you wanted to do in the industry? Were the internships helpful?
    Liz: I always knew that I would work in fashion and I cannot say enough about internships. They give you a real test run on the work place and let you experience roles that you probably never learned about in school. The best way is to be hands on.

    SE: Who are your favorite designers? 
    Liz: I love everything from Chanel, DVF, Alice & Olivia to Ralph Lauren (of course!). Once you become comfortable with your sense of style you learn to mix a tank top from Target with a fantastic pair of Louboutins.
    SE: What is your go-to outfit?
    Liz: My "go to" outfit is definitely skinny j brand jeans (dark wash), a printed top, theory blazer... Paired with Louboutins and a Chanel clutch. It's classic and timeless.
    SE: What handbag are you dying for right now? Shoes?
    Liz: I am dying for the Fendi 2jours tote bag right now!! You can monogram the hang tag and I think it's such a ladylike handbag with just a little edge. I love it in a pop color like navy! For shoes, I'm loving B by Brian Atwood....I think the entire footwear line is very affordable and on trend.

    SE: What are your responsibilities at your company? How did you land this job?
    Liz: I am a Marketing Manager for Accessories and Footwear at Ralph Lauren. I have been with the company almost five years and worked my way up from Sales, Brand Management and now Marketing. My friend joined the company first and then she submitted my résumé to HR; don't be afraid to reach out and utilize who you know.
    SE: Any advice for the young fashionista who is looking for a start in the business?
    Liz: When starting in the business be hungry. Be prepared to work late hours and constantly be dealing with samples. If you love fashion then it will be rewarding but the industry is not all red ropes and fashion shows.

    SE: What is something you wish you could do more of?
    Liz: I wish that I had more time to travel
    SE: Can you give us one style tip for our readers?
    Liz: When making a large purchase look at the "buy per wear"... For example, if you want a Chanel bag and it costs $3k, buy it in a color that you will be able to wear everyday. If there's a sequin skirt that costs $400 but you will only wear it once then it's probably not worth the "buy per wear" even though it's amazing!! Also, try not to get caught up in sales...if its not your size or you can't think of when you'll wear it don't purchase it.
    SE: Living in non-metropolitan areas, it is sometimes hard to break / create a fashion industry? 
    Liz: The best advice that I can give to someone who wants to work in fashion is to move to where the job opportunities are. This industry is very competitive and very rarely does something fall into your have to make your dreams come true!

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