Thursday, October 17, 2013

Art Inspired Fashion

We yearn for inspiration daily..we absolutely crave it! Some mornings we want to yell "inspire me!" when we walk out the door, turn on the computer, switch on Spotify radio, or open a magazine. Inspiration is a key ingredient to our creative minds..not sure what we would do without it. Many times we inspire each other and we try to find beauty in everything--that's what keeps us going!!

Currently, we are inspired by this artist, Larry Ray Brannock...his work makes us feel like we are in a spaceship flying miles and miles above little worlds. We catch ourselves staring at his artworks for long periods of time throughout our work day so we decided to share our inspiration with you. We couldn't help to think about what we would wear on a visit to a few of these little worlds...

Burned Paper, Oils

"J. Oneil"
Burned Paper, Oils

Burned Paper

Burned Paper, Oils

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Artist featured: Larry Ray Brannock 

Instagram Snapshot:
B pictured with one of her favorite pieces from the artist, "Citrus Zing".


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