Thursday, December 5, 2013

Weekend Stylecast

BRRRR it's cold out there--make sure to layer!! Tights, leggings, thick slips (thin dresses & skirts can be used as slip options), scarves, gloves and BIG warm FaBuLoUs coats!! It will be toasty once you get settled at your destination so be sure you can eliminate at least one of your layers if needed. In other words, make sure the outfit looks great at the core (aka the first layer)!

Looking forward to sharing cocktails & sweet treats with you tonight while swooning over vintage Chanel! Ladies Night OUT!

Check out some "first layer" inspiration  below!

SE Tip: We would add a big coat overtop each look & secret layers underneath the skirts to keep our legs warm..thick cropped leggings work great ;)

Style Edit Stylecast 12/6

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