Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Working Out Is Working Out

We have to come clean about something...we hate working out.  We find it difficult to relate to those women (you know who you are!) who are addicted to working out....seriously!? We envy you!  Not the actual activity of working out, its the act of carving out time, finding the right workout clothes, and, the most important, an activity that doesn't make you want to crawl back into bed!

We needed to find a workout that worked for us. Stumbling upon Pure Barre really opened our eyes to a new way of working our body. Don't let the ballet bar fool you, these workouts are killer! But, what's great about it is the constant motivation and personal attention the instructors give you..they really care about you..which is a really great feeling.

Just like walking into a gym with loads of bulky machines and men around can be intimidating.. so can your closet. After starting a new workout regimen with Pure Barre, we realized that our companies hold a lot of the same values. We share a key mission to help ignite confidence in our clients. You truly have to work on yourself from the inside to ignite your true personal style! The clothes we choose in the morning define and describe ourselves to those who do not have the pleasure of holding conversation with us that day.

It's your time to blossom into the best you, you can be! And, guess what? We want to help!! We will be raffling off a FREE Wearable Wardrobe service at the Pure Barre studio this month to help jumpstart this journey!

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We'll see you in the studio!


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