Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Holiday Attire {Decoded}

The beginning of the holiday soiree season is upon us! Prepare to have your inboxes flooded with invitations and your mind to explode with cleverly named attire suggestions.  Festive Chic, anyone?  If this isn’t one of the biggest style conundrums, we don’t know what is.  As if navigating your closet on a daily basis isn’t difficult enough, you now have to apply your wardrobe to something called Winter Masquerade and pull it off effortlessly. But don't worry- we've got you covered! Here are a few suggestions to easily incorporate the season’s latest trends with holiday attire suggestions.

Glamorous long dresses & gowns. If you prefer a high slit, opt for a high neckline and vice versa. Balance is key! Keep warm with fur- those heavy winter coats can weigh down elegance. Add extra sparkle to your look with jewelry and/or a bold clutch.

Black Tie Attire - Holiday

We’d like to believe that Black Tie Optional simply means, keep it black tie, but your options have just expanded.  Over wearing the gown? Try a black satin tuxedo-style suit or a jumpsuit in an elevated fabric.  We also love a crisp winter-white blazer over a glittering calf-length dress.
Black Tie Optional

Completely open to interpretation! Dress, trousers, skirts - oh my! The wardrobe options are endless. This season, think about repurposing a shift or A-line dress by wearing a pair of similarly toned trousers underneath with a killer pair of heels.


FESTIVE CHIC (or any holiday inspired attire suggestion)

No holiday sweaters, ladies! Festive chic typically refers to colors – red, hunter green, creams and metallic colors.  If you tend to feel your best in black or neutral pieces, add a festive red lip to complete your look!  However, we do approve of a well-placed Santa hat! 

Festive Chic

Do you have an attire suggestion that you need help decoding? Share it with us and we'll clear up the conundrum! 


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