Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cincinnati Fashion Week Finale

Sorry our post has been so delayed but here it is---better late than never! After getting lost for an hour in Reds traffic, we finally made it to Culvert Street! Oh, Culvert street, you are a little sly one. Nonetheless, we had an absolute blast at Cincinnati Fashion Week and loved every minute of it! We must say that we were a bit shocked by the turnout at the finale fashion show. For a moment, we forgot we were in Cincinnati, Ohio but then we quickly remembered that Cincinnati is pretty major! This city has a lot to offer to the fashion world and we were so happy to be apart of the movement! Among all the credible designers that were showcased, we had a few favorite looks. See some of our favs below!

Love the mixed patterns

The mesh accent was so thunder. Love it!





  1. Hi B&M, thanks for picking AmareSinh as one of your favourites. Glad you liked it. Best, AmareSinh

  2. You're very welcome. We LOVE it!

  3. Hi,
    Thank you for joining us for CFW. We had many of the same fav's on our top pics list. It wasn't easy to choose with so many beautiful collections! We hope to see you next year.
    Vivian Moore
    Key Hair Stylist