Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 2: (Part Deux) Cincinnati Fashion Week

Here are some more pictures of our Day 2 at CFW, Men's Night Out!

As we entered the Christian Moerlein Brewery in Over The Rhine, we were greeted, took a quick picture at the step & repeat, and were immediately thrust into the fashionable man's playground!

Fast Cars. Bow Ties. Beer.

A perfect combination for attracting the right kind of audience if you ask us!

Artfully Disheveled had their bow ties present (every one knows how we love men in bow ties), and they were simply "to-die"!

The lecture, the beer, the fashions, all were steller! We also got the chance to take a tour of the brewery (deep, deep into the earth's core!)  I'm sure had we known this information we would not have worn sky high heels!  Nevertheless, the tour was amazing, the evening was spectacular and the food truck at the end was the icing on the cake!

The tour!
a little scary...

Mmm. Very cool but we have on heels. We'll stay out here.
Cincinnati's Rolling Kitchen!
Double yum.
Free valet parking. Nice touch.

Corwyn Apparel.


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