Thursday, June 23, 2011

Feeling Ourselves: Color Blocking

Raise your hand if you do not get happy upon seeing a lovely mixture of bright colors and patterns on an otherwise, normal work day?

Ok those with raised hands may leave...

Allow us to welcome you to our inspirations for color blocking.  We know we've talked about this before, but we're actually wearing the trend today so it's on our minds!  If you haven't heard of color blocking yet...all we can say is: YOU'RE WELCOME!

With this trend, there isn't a specific 'pop' of color, which we love...the ENTIRE outfit is the pop!  Now you can mix your bright dress, with your bright shoes and bright accessories and you're totally on-trend.

Things don't 'match'...they 'go'! Major difference! And this principle makes the style look so effortless when executed properly.

Only warning we give: be careful with the red and yellow mixes, you may fall into the "ketchup & mustard" trap... not ok!

Color Blocking



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