Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All black everything: Black tie affair

The B in B&M is getting married! *scream* We are absolutely Jersey fist pumped for the wedding and we tend to do little happy dances from time to time. The wedding party is wearing black (except for the bride :) with purple and blush accents. The accents will be reflected in hair pins, flower bouquets and nail polish (yes). The celebration of love is taking place in New York in September. Some of the bridesmaids are having a difficult time finding the perfect dress so we decided to make a post to help them with their search! Each bridesmaid is wearing a different gown in a true black color to offset the variety of looks. Too many ladies for different color gowns so black was the color of choice for the evening wedding. Clean, elegant and regal. A black gown is a signature wardrobe piece that will always come in handy so we hope you come across a black beauty suited for you as well!

Notte By Marchesa


Adrianna Papell


JS Boutique

Max & Cleo


Eliza J

Tadashi Shpji

Aidan Mattox


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