Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Versace for.... H&M?!


So you know how much we LOVE anything with color, texture...in a word...DIFFERENT.    You may also know that we are a bit short on the funds it would require to bring home the fantastically colorful and textured clothing and accessories from Versace.

Alas, there is HOPE friends!  H&M, in all of their benevolence, has graciously provided the masses with what appears to be the most magnificent (and affordable) line of Versace wears!!

*Pause for Reaction*

While there is no word on the price point, don't worry! Come on, its H&M, how pricey can it be?!

Though Donatella's pieces won't be available in H&M stores until Fall (November 17th), just keep replaying the video below to let the genius wash over you.  And please check out that black and gold sketch!! Its of the leather dress she wore on the runway... WE. JUST. DIED!



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  1. I absolutely love this! Love Versace and H&M but if its priced anything like the Lanvin for H&M collection it will be waaaay out of my budget!