Friday, September 30, 2011


Lately we've been having an unhealthy obsession with dark lipsticks.  We have always tended to go for the glosses, chapsticks and stains, in the nude and light pink families.  However, thanks to Gucci's recent runway looks, we are having a moment of reconsideration!

(sidenote: we want her ENTIRE look, but for the purposes of this post we will not digress).

In real life, its nearly impossible to pull of this super vampy, super glossy look.  It is our personal belief that unless you're going to a fancy affair, its not practical anyway!

Sticking with a more matte lipstick that still punches it up in the color department is much more wearable!   We've done some of the ground work on testing colors that we absolutely love, your welcome!

Go out and pick a color up and try it out for a day! The great part about this is that it is only lipstick!  If you love it, it will totally transform your ensemble, if you hate it...wipe it off!  *Win Win*

Sephora - Intimidate
Personal Favorite! 
Iman - Wild Thing

Loreal - Pure Burgundy

Ulta - Sangria

Urban Decay - Gash


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