Monday, October 31, 2011

*Snap * Crackle * Pop *


Are we the only one's who are completely beat from the weekend? With weekends like the one we had, we often find ourselves thinking "where did those two days go?!" on Monday mornings!

Early Saturday morning we headed over to the most insane cosmetics show we've ever seen!  Nordstrom had its annual (and exclusive) cosmetic trunk show at 8am on Saturday.  The store had everything set up beautifully with yummy bites and coffee (many thanks!), a fabulous catwalk and free goodies for the attendees who woke up early (some came at 5am!) to get beautified!

The National Make Up Artist from Laura Mercier

Only 10% of the women who came out! It was amazing!

Ashlee getting a good panoramic shot!
We also took a fun picture with the Mac Cosmetics models in their futuristic get up!

After leaving the beauty insanity at Nordstroms, we met up with one of our clients to "winterize" her wardrobe!   It was like a marathon styling session!

And B picked up this amazing dress mannequin for her equally amazing wedding dress!
Tres Chic! 

The night followed with a little Sauvignon Blanc, a fun movie and a sleepover!!

What did you do this weekend? Anyone dress up for Halloween!?  We were Stylists for Halloween! LOL
Tell us your costume!



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  1. the weekend went by so fast,however, I do remember polishing my nails with OPI's "DIM SUM PLUM" !!