Wednesday, November 2, 2011

{ Crush Alert }

Recently we have had such a major, unending, passionate love for....bell bottoms!

According to Wikipedia:  Bell-bottoms are trousers that become wider from the knees downward. Related styles include flareloon pants and boot-cut/leg trousers. 

Now that that's cleared up...lets explain the reasoning for said obsession:

#1:   They are snug in all of the right places.  A great bell bottom clings to your best pun intended!
Katie Holmes
#2:  They have the most uncanny ability to make the wearer appear taller!  Call us cray-cray...but we totally look more slim and taller while wearing our favorite pair!
Citizen Jeans
#3:  How can you resist the 70's charm?! Not only does a great bell bottom look super also exudes the confidence and effortlessness that the 70's were known for!

Charlie's Angels.
You know they looked so cool! 

#4:  Rachel Zoe.  Come on, obviously!  We love how RZ incorporates the 'bell' in nearly every one of her day looks!  She knows a thing or two about the power of the flare!

Rachel Zoe

Now that we've justified our bell bottom obsession, and possibly switched many of you to our 70's affinity, here are a few pairs that we just can't stop drooling over!
Hudson Jeans



image credits:  Style Hop, Huffington Post

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