Thursday, November 17, 2011

Baby Give Me One More Chance!

One phrase we hate to hear when relating to fashion? "Oh that is so last season"!  Rubbish!!
More often than not,  people will pass on an item solely based on their "taboo" or "outdated" reputation...acid wash jeans anyone?!
The 80's Acid Wash...

The Balmain acid wash...S/S 2009
But, as everyone knows, fashion is cyclical..which is why vintage stores are so in-demand and rummaging through our mother's closets is a past-time.

One 'trend' that is reminiscent of our childhood days when we wore OshKosh B' Gosh, is the Corduroy! Cords are coming back with a vengeance!  The new cords are sleek, tailored and down right fashionable!

Another trend that is coming back in style...the Creeper! These shoes look like a cross between oxfords and the "Herman Munster" look.  Once relegated to the Goth set, the revamped Creepers are more refined but still manage to funk up any look!


The next trend, which we don't necessarily feel is a "trend" since we'd wear this look daily, is the thick, chunky gold jewelry.  Think less FlavaFlav and more Donatella Versace.  The key for pulling this look off? Wear only one major piece of jewelry and keep the rest of your ensemble simple!

The great thing about fashion is that if you hold on to items you really love, they eventually come back in style any way! So start your search in your own closet, you never know what you may find!!



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