Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cocktails at Tiffany's

There is something about Tiffany's. Not sure if it's our love for "Breakfast at Tiffany's", the "Tiffany teal", the perfect Tiffany ribbons, the perfect Tiffany box, or the beautiful timeless jewelry. When you walk into a Tiffany's boutique,  a feeling of overwhelming elegance and prestige comes over you. The quality and presentation sells itself. We have always dreamed of having breakfast at Tiffany's (which they donate as an auction package to local foundations) but we must say...cocktails at Tiffany's was pretty fabulous. We attended a private event at Tiffany's last night. The boutique is located downtown in Fountain Square and just celebrated the renewal of their lease. We felt honored to join in on the celebration. What would Fountain Square be without Tiffany's!? Signature Tiffany cocktails were served along with wine, delicious h'orderves and scrumptious desserts. All the guests were served while we tried on countless pieces from the Tiffany collection. Some of the items were a bit out of our price range but there were some great Christmas gift ideas! Visit the Tiffany website and take a look at some of the photos we snapped below. Smile, it's Wednesday!


Tiffany got a little funky! Great DJ. 


Blogger pow-wow.

Fab pinky. 

Yes, please. 

Cake pops!

Love these signature Tiffany studs. 

Pink!? Yes, please. 

Great every day bracelet.


Admiring the pinky. 

You wouldn't believe the price tag on these beauties!  

Really, really didn't want to take it off. 

Right hand ring? Yes, please. 

Our lovely Tiffany's representative. 

That diamond pinky ring is IT. Loved the charming petite necklaces as well! 

Signature Tiffany cocktail. 


For us!? Well, thank you!! xo

Christmas at Tiffany & CO!! 

until next time...


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