Sunday, November 20, 2011

New!! Sloane Boutique

This weekend was action packed!  We have been hearing some amazing things about the new Sloane Boutique that opened in we knew we had to check it out at the opening party this weekend!

The boutique was jammed packed with Cincinnati's glitterati, including some amazingly well-dressed people!  The most fashionable person there?!  The owner of Sloane, Duru Armagan!

Duru is definitely doing her fair share of making OTR super hip and stylish!!  Sloane's gracious proprietor rocked a dress that was to die for! Very Egyptian-chic! (Sold at Sloane Boutique...naturally)!

We cannot wait to visit again and play in all the fabulous pieces! We've got our eye on the black fur coat in the display window!

If you haven't been to Sloane's Boutique yet, you must!  It is another reason to visit OTR!



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