Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cincy's very own Casablanca Vintage

 “Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” – Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart).

When we think vintage--- mom's closet, high-end boutiques in New York frequented by Rachel Zoe and...Urban Outfitters come to mind (hey, just being honest). Not Northside. Yes...Cincinnati is actually home to a pretty intriguing vintage store! Most people think "thrift" rather than "vintage" which is completely different. Vintage stores select and only accept quality materials rather than....well, everything. We must admit we were a little skeptical at first but once we went in and had a look around...we were pleasantly surprised. Casablanca Vintage just took on new management so the sore comments you may find on the internet are actually years old. We were expecting to walk into a crazy mess of a room but it was actually a massive space organized by women's, men's, children's, outwear, etc. There is also an upstairs that is shown in the windows below which is FILLED with racks on racks on racks of beautiful garments and fine suits. I mean, our jaws literally dropped to the floor at the sight of it.The owner and his staff are currently in the midst of organizing the 2nd floor so it too can be open to the public. For now, it is just open to movie studios that rent out pieces for films. So major! 

So, take a day and go play. Give yourself a couple hours to explore. We slept in, met after brunch on a Saturday and had a play date. We decided to post our vintage finds because they have been just too fabulous not to share. Take a peek at the store and check out our fabulous finds from last weekend below...

A diamond in the rough.
Look at those Fab curtains!!!
Retro bride & groom xoxo

Come on in...
...you know you want to!! And, yes! We found these dresses inside!

Outer wear
M checking out the goods...
Ooo la la!!
Found M in the gowns!
Hey B! Cute coral!
Something for the fellas..

Fab glam vintage bracelet...$15? Yes, please.
Pumped b/c these dresses actually fit puuurfectly! 
These vintage dresses have the best detail! 
This is what the Yellow and Pink Power Rangers would wear on their off-days! 
Lady-like dress suit! Fur on the collar? Bonus!
Sort of insane how well this fit!

Its a vintage cut with a super modern and upbeat print! Die!

Add a twirl! 

High neckline + high impact print = pretty awesome dress. Very Versace-esque!

Eat your heart out Rachel Zoe...so 70's chic!! 


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