Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkey Time: What to wear to Thanksgiving Dinner!

Thanksgiving is tomorrow (!) and our tummies are already rumbling. We are so thankful for Style Edit, our friendships and our beautiful families! We cannot wait to sit down and enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving meal with our loved ones. And, we are buzzing off this short work week! Today is actually Friday--so amazing!

So we say "Thanksgiving dinner" to you and what comes to mind? Food? Yes but even and fashion. Yummy! So---now for the question every fashionista is faced with--what to wear!? Well, it all depends on your turkey-day scenario. Dinner with the boyfriend's family? Dinner with the in-laws or in-laws to be? Hosting dinner in your home? Relaxed dinner with the fam? Invited to a friends for your Thanksgiving meal? Well, no matter the scenario---we've provided you with a little inspiration as always! Take a look below!

First up...The Casual Thanksgiving

The Casual Thanksgiving

When doing the casual Thanksgiving with your family, roomy pants and sweater allow for optimum gluttony while maintaining your stylish appearance!  Don't forget the flat boots and large bag for sneaking off with the leftovers!!

Next up, The "Significant Other" Thanksgiving

SignificantOther Thanksgiving

It is never easy to strike the right balance when your dining at your boyfriend's family or your in-laws.  But we've cut out the guess work and given you great options!  A long dress with a cardigan gives you a great silhouette even when stuffing yourself! The long wool shorts over opaque tights is a great alternative to a skirt but provides the prep factor, especially with the oxfords!  Wear an outfit like one of these and you'll ensure yourself a spot at the Christmas dinner table...perhaps a nice gift too!

Finally, The Hostess Thanksgiving! 
The Hostess Thanksgiving

When you're hosting your very own Thanksgiving, you can play by your own rules.  Fancy it up, wear sweats..who cares, its your party! BUT as hostess, you are pretty much required to look fabulous!  So get creative with this outfit.  Don't be afraid of colors, hem length, or neckline!  The only requirement is that you look just as fabulous opening the door as you do pouring the wine and cutting the turkey!!



  1. This "turkey time" edition of Style Edit is really inspiring. The links to online shopping are awesome with a wide range of offerings. I went directly to the Alexander McQueen black bag -- nice! There are also plenty of great buys included. Thank you for blogging, ladies. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, whatever fabulousness you decide to wear!

  2. Thanks Tamie!! We're sure you looked absolutely amazing this Thanksgiving!! xx

  3. Love your style! A lot of fashion blogs I just don't vibe with, but I love the stuff you guys post! Will you do a post like this but for Christmas?? Please?! I don't know what I'm going to wear! Thanks!!

  4. Here is the Christmas Guide! Check it out!!