Friday, November 25, 2011

Local Love: Holiday Shopping

With the impending "Black Friday" chaos that will engulf the country in a matter of hours (or even now!)...we feel it imperative to prepare for what is to come.  If you have never been out in the wee hours of the morning on Black Friday...brace yourselves people!

Here's a few things you may witness: sleep-deprived parents hopped up on coffee looking for the "holy grail" toy of the season.  Annoyed retail workers who couldn't finish their Thanksgiving dinner thanks to stores opening at 10:00pm at night.  And general bah-humbug-ness due to the inevitable traffic jams both in the store and on the streets.

However, should you still choose to brave the may actually walk away with some pretty sweet deals!

A great way to score some great deals and really support your local shops is to do your holiday shopping locally!  Not only are you supporting your local entrepreneurs, but you also ensure the economic growth of our fair city!

The Merchants on Main Street just launched their OTR Holiday Gift Guide designed by the lovely Tamia!
This must-have guide gives shoppers the best places in Over The Rhine for endless entertainment possibilities.   Featuring shops like Couture Couture, Sloane Boutique and The Little Mahatma and The Drinkery, you can literally spend the entire day getting to know your local business owners and knocking out that pesky holiday gift list!

Additional locally owned shops that you definitely need check out and support include:

American Express is also getting in on the action of helping people shop locally by giving a great incentive with Small Business Saturday!  Register to shop for Small Business Saturday and get a $25 credit on your statement! Learn more about it here

So go forth and conquer list in-hand!! Don't forget the caffeinated goodness at your local coffee shop! 



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