Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's The Holiday Season..Are you ready?!

Welcome back from the Thanksgiving holiday everyone!

If you're like us, you over ate and indulged on everything your family and friends whipped up!  This holiday season is sure to provide our taste buds with a variety of scrumptious goodness that we can only dream of!  With countless gatherings and festivities serving up delicacies galore, it is a strong possibility that the waist line may take a beating!

So what is a fashionable girl to do to survive this holiday season relatively unscathed?  Here a few wardrobe tips and tricks to help you dodge the holiday-bloat bullet!

We've all heard the old adage: "The best defense is a good offense".   Apply that to your holiday ensemble and you're sure to side-step any setbacks in the diet department!

Holiday Party: Offense

When you wear an outfit that accentuates your waist, you'll know immediately if you've over-eaten.  Luckily there are unlimited options this season for you to play up your waist in amazing colors, textures and cuts!

Holiday Party: Heel Pains

After about three parties in a row, your feet will be begging for a break!  Switch out your skyscraper heels for a chunky wedge or festive flat!

Holiday Party: The Day After

Did you over-do-it at your office Christmas Party?  No worries!  A monochromatic outfit is a quick and easy choice in the morning and you'll still look incredibly put together! Don't forget the flats and the sunnies..and no one will be the wiser! *Whew*!

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