Monday, November 14, 2011

The Sari Edition

This weekend one of our great friends celebrated her birthday where we all donned beautiful Saris from her native Sri Lanka!!!!

We had no idea how much work it took to carefully wrap the gorgeous cloth around our body to create that amazing silhouette! We also couldn't get over how glamourous and regal we felt when the process was complete!

We consumed loads of traditional Sri Lankan fare, including a fav of ours..Fish Cutlets!! Sorry, no pictures of that...but just imagine amazing-ness and you'll get it!

B wore a gorgeous fuchsia and gold sari with some amazing dangle earrings that connected to her hair..weird explanation...but beautiful outcome!

M wore a blood orange number with gold and beaded accents!

The birthday girl (middle, left) looked like a Sri Lankan least that's what we called her all night! Her pale pink and creme sari had AMAZING embroidery on it that was beautiful! The pictures so don't do it justice!

Our other friend wore a deep green sari that boasted some amazing sequin and bead work!

Basically, the intricate detail and rich colors of the saris are what really make them special!

We encourage everyone to read up more about the Sri Lankan culture! You will not be disappointed!



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