Monday, December 26, 2011

Example of Our Work!

We hope that everyone had a great Christmas holiday! 
Since we're still suffering from a slight case of a yummy "food coma", we wanted to give you a sneak peek into one of our favorite wardrobe overhauls we've completed for a client! 

The Before

When we first entered our client's insanely MASSIVE closet (12'x12'), we noticed that while she was by no means short on clothes, it lacked organization and aesthetic appeal.  Why have beautiful clothes if you can't gaze at them properly on their hangers?!  Our main objective? De-clutter, organize, use her space effectively, and showcase amazing pieces properly! 

The After

The After is nothing short of amazing! (We are slightly jealous!) We got rid of the dated and ill-fitting pieces to really give her new dressing room a much-needed facelift!  Every type of clothing has its own section: blazers, dresses, suits, shoes, you name it!  Organization was the name of the game!  For the finishing touches, our client had great decor for us to pull from (Hello Chandelier!!) We were also extremely lucky to have an experienced handyman available to help build the shelving and racks (on racks on racks!) 

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Stay tuned for the full reveal! Have a wonderful Monday!!


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